When Your Subcontractors Come to Work,
That Won’t Mean [Paper]work

With HammerTech’s online induction process and a simple verification process, you’ll know they’ve passed your safety tests, understand the JHAs and SDSs, are wearing the right PPEs and can start doing their job ASAP.

We Make Ticking Off Your Tasks So Easy, You Can’t Get Ticked Off

No pen. No paper. No wasted time trying to chase down permits, bookings, plans, or any other crud that chaps your hide. Just simple, centralized approvals, notifications to help you stay on track, and easy to review daily reports to make sure your teams are staying safe.

Know the Game Plan and Execute, So You Don’t Lose Time

Use our checklists and observations to know what’s going on, in real time, on site, so if you’ve got concrete being poured, backhoes being driven, pipe being laid, and whatever else that’s happening on your busy site, your people stay safe, and manage tasks effectively.



Injury & Incident Reporting and Tracking