Look at your leading indicators and make
more informed decisions.

How well informed are you in the office on what’s happening in the field? What you don’t know could be killing your bottom line. You can assume things are going well. Or you can know for sure. And you know there’s no safe assumptions in construction. That’s why HammerTech’s compatibility with *Business Intelligence applications makes sure you aren’t guessing.

You’re knowing. It. All.

Employer Health
Daily Report
Issue Analysis






* Power BI requires a third party application

Cut through the noise and see what’s happening in the field at all times.

With your dashboards, reporting tools, and of course that super BI module we talked about above, you’ll know your projects are exceeding safety and quality standards. (Because you have a solid reputation to protect.)

How do you keep your office and your field teams happy?

You keep everyone on the same page. You keep them safe. You use the latest technology to ease their daily burdens. And you make sure your company has the reputation to win more business and recruit quality new hires. Good technology helps you do that. And everyone benefits.

Win More Jobs

Win More Jobs

Keep your business moving forward with streamlined operations that helps you maintain a high quality, and get the job done on time.

Recruit Serious Talent

Recruit Serious Talent

Top job seekers are looking for companies who use top tier technology to enable teams to work smarter and not harder.

Streamline Performance & Productivity

Streamline Performance & Productivity

Uncover valuable insights and leading indicators, and analyze performance metrics that show you what’s working and what’s not.

Hagta Group

We are impressed and delighted to use Hammertech Technologies in particularly online induction which is simpler and very effective especially being a small organisation. Also Safe Work Method Statements Management, Injury Incident Management, Safety walks and Plant & Equipment allows us to mitigate safety risks and makes it enjoyable and easy process to comply with all requirements. Implementation process was hassle free.

John Hagopian

Construction Manager

S.J. Weir

S.J. Weir were looking to streamline our OH&S systems and bring our processes in line with modern technology, reducing paperwork for our site management teams. Key criteria for us when looking at available options were, building industry specific software and a robust platform capable of supporting us into the future. The Hammertech system certainly ticked both of those boxes. Our site teams have found it easy to use and have seen significant benefit in time saved using the system.

Brad Gifford

Construction Manager

Novati Constructions

Hammertech has been a great tool for Novati Constructions. We can remotely access documentation, check on a projects progress, and conduct mandatory reviews to ensure compliance to our Integrated Management System. The Hammertech team has always listened and spends the time to understand our requirements in addition they have helped us customise the platform to tailor it to our needs.

Teresa Chafer

IMS Coordinator

Kapitol Group

Being a startup construction company, we were keen to ensure that we were using the best systems available. After researching the options, we believed Hammertech was that system. As a small-to-mid tier company it was essentially that the system was very efficient and did not waste our staffs time. So far all of our new starters have been very happy with Hammertech and all have said that it is better than the systems they were using at their previous companies.

Andrew Deveson