Create an Organized Way to Train and Track Every Team That Steps on Site

Using HammerTech you can ease the heavy burden of chasing paper trails, manually logging workers, and tracking down names, contact info, and certifications. With online administration sent to subcontractors, they submit their team’s crucial information prior to showing up on site. And can even take online orientation tests to ensure they’re ready to safely get to work.

  • Digital employee administration done prior to day one
  • Centralized administration for contact info, certifications, and insurance documents
  • Online and centralized submission of safety plans, JHAs, SDS, and permits
  • Notifications if key documentation is incomplete or licenses are expired
  • Reporting to track manpower and work hours

Training Gaps Increase Your Risks. Bridge Them With Hammertech

Do you know if the teams that just showed up on site today are all oriented and trained
on the equipment they're using?

Track Personnel

Track personnel and orientations on site, on your phone or tablet


Make sure all teams know of any hazards and are prepared with the proper PPEs.

Equipment orientation

Ensure equipment has gone through orientations and ready for onsite operation.

Monitor equipment and operators

Monitor your heavy equipment onsite and know who is qualified to operate each piece of equipment quickly and easily reducing risks or costly mistakes.

What if Everyone Marched to the Beat of One Drum?

When you standardize your processes, you can increase efficiency, create better data integrity, and replicate positive results on job sites around the country. HammerTech helps you do that and take control of the risks you face across your organization.

  • Decrease risks through company-wide standardization of preconstruction and daily operations
  •  Easily train new hires, transition employees, or provide temporary coverage for employees on leave or vacation
  • Find leading indicators and create actionable plans based on real time project data