Safety is a matter of setting expectations.
Is everyone doing their job to keep teams safe?

Use HammerTech to insure your teams inducted correctly, and are performing their daily and weekly safety walks and audits. Track activity, get notifications in real time, and make sure your team leaders hit their KPIs.


Permit management

Orientations/ Inductions

Equipment Monitoring

Injury & Incident Management

Gain improvement through measurement.

Using HammerTech’s *Power BI dashboards you can make company decisions based on real time data that shows you leading indicators and accurate assessments of your company’s performance and productivity.

Employer Health

*Power BI requires third party application

Take action before incidents force your project to stop.

With a constant stream of up-to-date safety and quality workflows, processes, and notifications, you can make sure teams are following protocols, everyone has been oriented, equipment has been inducted and inspected, and exposure to risks are low.