Wasting time chasing down plans, people, and permits is so yesterday.

Today, you don’t have time for that nonsense. With HammerTech you can digitize and centralize all your key documents so you can access every plan, permit, and assessment when you need it, no matter where you are.


Tons of machines needing to go in and out and only one driveway? We’ve got a solution for that.

With HammerTech’s Bookings, you can schedule who, what, and when equipment can move on and off site so your crane won’t get into a traffic jam with your backhoe. Plus, you can schedule and track deliveries, making sure you know what’s moving on and offsite, who approved it, and when the delivery took place.

Temporary works can lead to a permanent disaster.

But not if you’ve got a system that helps you manage them better with customizable inspection protocols, workflows, and sign-offs. Or whatever protocols you decide are right for your site. You can build and design the system the way you need it to stay safe and maintain high levels of quality.