Wind, rain, fire...and washing machines
can ruin your paper plans.

Meetings, checklists, keeping track of safety plans, inspecting equipment and tracking safety processes shouldn’t be stifled by pen and paper. Filling out paper permits, chasing down paperwork, getting in-person signatures and more are all draining your team’s energy and time. Not to mention, it crushes collaboration. Digitize your processes to remove waste from your day.

  • Centralize key documents
  • Track everything in one place
  • Get real time updates
  • Get online sign-offs without chasing anyone down

It’s not just about today, but about tomorrow, and 1095 days from now.

Everything might have gone well today, and your documents might be safely stored in the filing cabinet. But what happens three years from now when lawyers knock on your door and ask about a worker’s injury? Will you have access to that paperwork to prove you’re not liable? Or that it didn’t rain that day? Digital records last longer than those papers. And they won’t get lost.

  • Reduce your current and future risk.
  • Keep secure records
  • Track and store daily reports
  • Retain Daily Weather records & more
  • Quickly search and find documents