There’s no room for “oops!” in your field ops.

Accidents happen, but they happen more when your company isn’t following protocols, or missing crucial information on the personnel or equipment moving on and off your job sites. HammerTech’s collaborative platform focuses on helping companies digitally stay on top of operational workflows, involve key team members in up to minute information they need to know, and ensuring optimal efficiencies in tasks designed to keep everyone safe.

Permit Board

Non Conformance & Defects


Paper can’t prove you did the right thing, if you can’t find the right file or document.

Paper trails take time, people, and patience to dig up. And how much of each do you have to spare? Digitizing your documents and procedures ensures that if the worst happens, you can easily find what you need and share it with anyone who comes calling.

Daily Reports

Centralized Document Storage
(with version control)

Issues Tracking

If an incident occurs, retrace the steps and map out a new plan.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. That’s why when something does happen you need to find the root cause, take corrective action, adjust your policies or procedures, and let the teams know ASAP. HammerTech helps you quickly and easily find the issue, trace the actions, and course correct quickly, rolling out new workflows and procedures to keep the incident from happening again.

Real Time Notification & Alerts

Easily Changeable & Customizable Workflows

Quick & Easy Communication