Your Site Is Moving, That’s Why You Need Software
That Moves With You.

You’ve got equipment moving on and off site, permits starting and finishing on 10 different levels, five workers waiting on your approvals, and a meeting planned to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Here’s how you can manage it all, wherever you are, with real time info.



 Your day to day job site operations can create madness, but with Hammertech, you’ve got a method to getting your work done quickly and easily.

Know who was on site, hours worked, track performance and productivity, and report up and down stream with a few clicks from your mobile phone or tablet. With HammerTech, your day can be easier, no need to get mad!

Daily Reports

Time Tracking

Amp Up Your Brain Power

Learn How BA Murphy's Kristina Kucan can be in six places at once...

For Kristina Kucan, BA Murphy’s Manager of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, her role virtually needs her to be in three different states at once. She has to have her boots on the ground as often as possible and her eyes on the ball

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Using HammerTech to build the Grand Prix

"HammerTech's allowed us to save thousands of man hours and 400-500 admin hours for our safety team. That's a fantastic result!" - APP Project Director Ben Schubert

Here’s what Ben has to say

Achieve a new angle on safety and quality

Take a quick tour inside the HammerTech platform to understand why point solutions are missing the point of safety and quality...

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