Yvette Schuppe is a Senior Advisor for Health & Safety at V/Line, an organisation in Victoria that aims to provide a modern high performing railway and coach service for all.


As a rail transport operator, V/Line has a duty of care to ensure the quality and safety of its service for all users and this is no small task.


Due to its geographical nature with over 3,520 kilometres of rail track throughout Victoria, rail construction safety management is a complex challenge for V/Line and a source of never-ending problem solving for Yvette whose main focus is to improve the systems and processes that drive safety for V/Line.

Yvette drives change through engaging with those most impacted by risks and ensuring that there is a two-way communication. She says “being an effective leader is about communication. Leaders must be visible to employees and spend time listening – communication is not just about talking!”


For Yvette, leadership boils down to be onsite and available to all members throughout the day.



Her usual day consists of using HammerTech to assess issues and incidents and follows a process to conduct health checks on all projects through the HammerTech platform, meeting with team members, key stakeholders and completing various risk assessments as they arise throughout the day.

Yvette oversaw V/Line through the implementation of HammerTech and is a key contact for the organisation, having been on the complete journey of witnessing the change V/Line has made as an organisation over the last few years that has led to significant improvements in both quality and safety. Safety on construction sites prior to V/Line procuring the HammerTech system was managed manually with limited governance ability.

By using HammerTech, V/Line has been able to gain invaluable insights into safety management practices and has given them the opportunity to learn and improve on their safety processes and procedures. Contractors are now accountable for ensuring they comply with the V/Line SMS, and they are able to monitor contractor and worksite performance in real time. The implementation of HammerTech has provided significant improvements to how V/Line undertake safety inspections, site diaries, daily pre-starts and rail safety briefs which have has achieved greater levels of HSEQ compliance.


When we asked Yvette why digital transformation was important to V/Line she said “V/Line has been able to implement a streamlined approach to safety management using HammerTech and no longer need to use multiple and unlinked systems. This has created greater levels of communication and efficiency promoting best practice to surpass safety standards and legislation.”


The HammerTech system is the first of its kind to be implemented in a rail construction environment in Australia which V/Line and Yvette are exceptionally proud of.