PSG Holdings is a successful Indigenous Australian construction and services company achieving reconciliation through business. The team at PSG Holdings pride themselves on providing clients with a hassle-free experience, which means ensuring everything runs smoothly from initial client contact until completion.

Founded in 2011 by cousins Troy Rugless and Shane Jacobs, both of Wiradjuri heritage, PSG Holdings has built a strong reputation for outstanding customer service, reliability, on-time delivery and quality.

This is no small feat, given the challenges and unexpected issues that can arise on any construction site. Both leaders turned their minds to how technology might assist PSG Holdings in ensuring projects could be executed smoothly.

“Construction sites are fast paced, and when sites are in full swing; processes can be missed and documents are easily misplaced,” says Rick McClelland, PSG Holding’s Health and Safety Manager. “I wanted a system which could essentially create hold points within our Safety & Quality system that would remind workers of critical steps to be completed.”

“And as the HammerTech system automatically files the completed form for you, there is no chance of losing it.”

Rick had used other online platforms in the past, and found that employers changed their procedures and standards to accommodate the online platform, rather than the online platform conforming to their needs. “This is this significant factor which made me choose HammerTech,” Rick says. “The online platform was easily manipulated to mimic our current processes and forms. This made the implementation of the HammerTech system easier for our site teams.”

Rick notes that as PSG Holdings began rolling out the new online platform there was an initial reluctance or fear to use the system, as well as fear of the change itself. “However, this was overcome by the development of some internal training programs to demonstrate how simple the system is to use,” he says. Overall, from a management perspective, the rollout was “very easy”.

One of the most significant benefits PSG Holdings has seen from a management perspective is the greater transparency the system enables, allowing improved connection between the sites and head office.

With over 150 employees nationally, and a turnover of excess of $60 million per year, PSG delivers projects across a range of sectors including commercial, industrial, government, defence and education. Notable recent projects include the construction of a new Logistics Warehouse at RAAF Base Williamstown, a multi-level bespoke fitout for The Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet and the Aboriginal Centre of Excellence know as Kimberwalli.  A significant number of subcontractors were  involved in these projects, all whom used HammerTech.

PSG Holdings uses all available HammerTech modules onsite, including those relating to SWMS review, inductions, site inspections and equipment inspections. But Rick highlights the issue tracker and SWMS signoff process as two features of the platform that have proved particularly important.

“The management of QSE issues on our project has improved greatly, making sure they are closed out promptly and ensuring that supporting evidence is provided to confirm that the issue is closed,” Rick notes.

“And ensuring that all workers have read, understood and signed off on the SWMS is critical. Previously with large subcontractors it was difficult to see who had signed and who had not signed off on their SWMS. Now this process takes seconds.”

No two businesses are the same, but the HammerTech product is flexible enough that it can adapt to client demands. The implementation process is a collaborative one, to ensure the client enjoys the full benefits of the system.

“The guys at HammerTech were able to talk me though any issues and when I had a suggestion on how to improve, or changes as a result of feedback received, these were implemented without any problems.” As a result, the implementation process was a smooth one, and PSG Holdings can now enjoy the advantages of its tailored HammerTech platform.

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