Melbourne-based Kapitol Group, founded by Dave Caputo and Andrew Deveson, is committed to excellence in construction. The company’s operations include fitout and construction in commercial, residential, education and the health sectors. The diverse range of clients include NextDC, Melbourne Airport, Walker and the Victorian School Building Authority.


Kapitol Group lists its values as supportive, authentic, inspirational and driven, That makes it a great fit with HammerTech.


We spoke with Director Dave Caputo and HSEQ Manager Grainne Moore about their experience with the HammerTech platform.


Experienced staff set the scene for service excellence

After 18 years in the construction industry, Kapitol Group director Dave Caputo knows that it is the individuals in a company who can make a big difference to the quality of the output. “Andrew and I set up Kapitol Group to provide an outstanding service offering in the mid-scale project space,” he says. “We have consciously recruited team members with exceptional resumes which collectively for a company of our size, is pretty impressive. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results every time.”


“What has changed is our own and the public's knowledge and understanding, and therefore accountability,” Grainne explains. “This has prompted people to think more about their actions and how it affects both themselves and others. The saying ‘If it's not documented it hasn't happened’ is holding people more accountable”, while people are wanting more transparency about who is doing and the quality of the documenting.

But staff also need to be given the tools for success

Digital transformation is an important part of Kapitol Group’s operations. Dave says that from the outset, Kapitol Group has looked to technology to support its business activities, recognising that a savvy digital strategy can boost the company’s operations on a number of fronts, including efficiency, quality and safety. “Digital strategy has such a huge role to play in how we operate, now and well into the future,” Dave says, adding that adoption of the HammerTech platform has made a significant difference to Kapitol Group’s approach.

“Having HammerTech means we capture information, share and support ongoing activities both on site and office and it is stored in the one location.” He quickly points to examples where HammerTech makes a difference, including:

1. Hammertech operates in real time and supports the agile environment Kapitol Group works in.
2. The software holds the site team, subcontractors and others accountable, thereby improving site performance.

“As a director, I have clear visibility of what is going on across the sites - transparency is key here,” Dave concludes.

Flexibility and Culture Set HammerTech apart

Kapitol Group considered other providers before choosing HammerTech as its HSEQ vendor of choice. Cultural fit was important, while Dave was also looking for a product that would be easy for staff to use. “Hammertech gives us the flexibility to manage our site safety through an easy to use cloud-based platform,” Dave explains. “This means our onsite team can work off a tablet or download the app to their mobile phone to capture all the details like site photos or to update the site diary in real time.”

Hammertech ticked all the boxes based on our site needs. It was a natural fit for us with ‘like for like’ company culture. The team are easy to deal with, friendly and helpful.

Careful planning is the key to implementing new technology effectively 

Dave says implementation of the HammerTech platform has been relatively smooth, although he notes that introducing the digital platform to Kapitol Group’s subcontractors has been a gradual process. Adopting change management principles has helped this transition, as has the ability to tailor the HammerTech platform to suit Kapitol Group’s business. “The system is configured to suit our site requirements. It’s user-friendly and stores our documentation in one central location, so from a document control perspective the process is streamlined.” Paper waste has also been reduced significantly.

Using add-on tools can enhance the experience 

As a specialised tool, the HammerTech platform doesn’t have every functionality, but often can be used in conjunction with other software to meet a company’s needs. “We wanted to drill into the statistics of what was happening across all of site operations,” Dave explains. “Whilst HammerTech itself does not provide this type of functionality, they connected us to PowerBI to help us achieve the desired outcome. With this software now installed, we can access stats as it draws details across all sites from HammerTech. The results provide us with a helicopter view which has been hugely beneficial for our HSEQ operations.”


Proven benefits from a safety, financial and efficiency perspective

Kapitol Group has quickly reaped rewards on a number of fronts after implementing the HammerTech platform across its business. Dave names safety improvements as “first and foremost”, noting that processes are now documented and updated in the one system and easily accessible. There is also a clear financial benefit, he adds. “HammerTech brings a range of functionality which saves on time and increases onsite efficiencies. One example is document control. There is no double handling of paperwork and everything is set up, stored and tracked in the one system.”

HammerTech also helped Kapitol Group renew it’s ISO accreditation. “Capturing all the information on site, from our subcontractors through to overall site management, is key to demonstrating our capabilities throughout our accreditation application,” Dave says.

The HSEQ role is a busy one, so reliable systems are crucial

Kapitol Group’s HSEQ manager Grainne Moore is constantly on the move, splitting her time 50/50 between sites and the office/home office. She says quality and safety are fundamental to Kapitol Group’s business, and inadequate systems can put these at risk.

“Before I joined Kapitol and before I was introduced to HammerTech, I had been using clunky systems where my site teams would lose data on a regular basis and rectification times took too long.” Grainne recalls.

“As a client, it made the collation of data inefficient, time consuming and required double handling, the opposite of the required intent.”

The right system gives confidence while highlighting ways to improve…

Grainne says HammerTech has made an enormous difference to how she delivers her work. “Efficient, intuitive and innovative systems like HammerTech enable efficient data collection, management and transparency across projects, regions and businesses, ensuring resources, time and energy can be focussed on areas that will benefit and allow you to continually improve and develop.” For Grainne, this means that site teams can get on and do what they do best – build.

“HammerTech has helped the teams to funnel and streamline processes, and the completion of work prior to commencement on Projects.  They now turn up ready to go, then capture the data as works are delivered.”

…and acting as a corporate “memory bank”

Kapitol Group uses HammerTech to the fullest, drawing on every module to deliver its projects. “HammerTech holds the tools we have created to assist our site teams with their roles and responsibilities,” Grainne explains.

“The platform is our memory bank – it tells no lies and the evidence is always at hand. HammerTech is how we capture our data and protect ourselves as a business.”