Five Friends Decided They Could Make a Difference

Two guys came from the field, working as a Project Director and a Safety Director, and two came from the tech sector as product developers. One, the fifth Beatle as we call him, joined to give the team an added burst in the sales division.

All five knew we were on to something. And that together we could make a difference in the construction tech vertical pulling together our skill sets. So we built HammerTech.

(And yes, we still remain friends.)

Five years later, many beers, long nights, and trips around the country, HammerTech has built a reputation of great service and exceptional software all around Australia. So much so, that we were asked to head to the United States and provide our platform and service to US branches.

Once we landed, we were able to make more connections with construction companies who wanted to streamline their field operations and create operational excellence in their companies, and well, the rest is how we’re building a new chapter in our company history.

We have a few guiding principles you should know...

1We aren’t painters
2We have strength
in numbers
3What You See Is
What You Get

Unrealistic expectations aren’t our thing. We’ll give you the real picture. With candor. And yes, no means no, yes means yes, and that’s how it is.

Many moons ago, our company was overlooked as someone to do business with because we had what they decided was “too many owners.” We exceeded the magic number range of 2-3. We are, after all, a group of 5.

But, because of our diverse backgrounds, because we have to listen to various differing opinions, because we have variety in how we view our business and our industry, and because we are able to come together and make decisions as a team of leaders, we’ve been able to grow our product, our teams, and our business.

Let’s go back to principle #1. Transparency and realism. We work in a very real industry. You build it or you don’t. And like you, we believe in building quality products that honor the hard working people in the profession, and the communities they’re building for.