Why leading construction companies are moving safety management online

In a demanding industry driven by margins, regulation and tight deadlines, leading construction companies are continuing to look for a competitive edge in any division of their business.

Moving Safety Management Online

What if the latest proven technology allowed construction companies to successfully manage safety online, resulting in a direct correlation to improved site safety, whilst saving mountains of wasted time (money) hidden within inefficient manual processes.

Common Problems Managing Safety with Paper

Historically, the management of safety information has been through manual paper processes and forms. Managing registration, inductions, SWMS, Hazards, Plant or Permits exposes a range of inefficiency, quality of information and speed issues.

This is compounded by issues surrounding human errors, in particular how it affects data integrity. The potential of altered, lost, misplaced or illegible paper records presents another issue which may be problematic if relied on in an audit or incident investigation.

The Emergence of Smart Phone Technology

Where traditionally computer use was limited to those with a desk job in the site office, the emergence of smart phone technology, combined with high speed mobile networks now available, it’s become possible to connect everyone onsite, creating a real time safety culture, providing an avenue to improve communication, processes and data integrity.

Technology company Hammer Technologies recognised these changes, created a team consisting of safety and construction experts, highly experienced software developers, and change management experts, to build a product to solve many of the challenges facing the industry. They invested years in planning, industry consultation, research and development, to build a real world HSEQ solution accessible and usable by everyone from subcontractor foreman to company directors.

"HammerTech is a market first for Online HSEQ. It delivers a powerful mobile first online safety solution that works across all devices types, with a user interface that is simple enough for any worker on site to use. There is always a fine balance between the power and flexibility of a technology solution and the ease of use, which in the past has been a barrier to adoption for online safety systems" – Andrew Hogben, Hammer Technologies

Savvy construction businesses are discovering the overwhelming benefits of online safety management systems. APP’s Project Director Ben Schubert said that by using HammerTech (an online safety system) on the 2016 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix project saved 1000 man hours through moving inductions online, as well as 500 admin hours for his safety team; all for a 16 week project to build and dismantle the event. See what else Ben has to say in the video below.


Director of May Constructions Simon O’Brien shares his thoughts regarding the decision to go with HammerTech:

"May Constructions was looking for a way to consolidate and streamline our OH&S Management System. We’d looked at the digital market previously and hadn’t been satisfied that there was a system in place that managed our all of our needs. Since engaging with the guys at Hammer Tech we could see straight away that they understood the high demands that are placed on a business such as ours. They worked with us to help make our systems and processes as efficient as possible; and in some cases helped us to achieve more outputs than our existing system. To date the relationship has been very positive and we look forward to working together further and seeing what else we can achieve."