MELBOURNE, Australia, 8th September 2016.

Hammer Technologies, a leading provider of online safety management systems (HammerTech) are pleased to announce that Wayne Hildebrand will be joining the Hammer Technologies Board of Directors. Wayne has a wealth of experience and proven track record in leading and growing successful businesses.

Up to July 2015, Wayne was CEO/Managing Director of Insurance House for 18 years where he lead successful growth strategies that expanded the business into a leader of its industry with offices spread through-out the Eastern Seaboard and a turnover exceeding $230m. Technology played a significant role in the success and growth of Insurance House and Wayne maintains that ‘only those who embrace and invest in technology will be able to meet the demands of the modern market’. It is therefore fitting that Wayne now joins Hammer Technologies, as the company strives to provide technology solutions that improve safety performance and streamline processes across industry sectors.