MELBOURNE, Australia, 12th September 2016.

Hammer Technologies, a leading provider of online safety management systems (HammerTech) are thrilled to announce that FOURSQ have committed to rolling out HammerTech.

FOURSQ is a leading development and construction firm with a history of delivering outstanding results. HammerTech was created with the same goal in mind of delivering an outstanding product to the market that revolutionises safety and quality management processes.

"FOURSQ have decided to go online and are excited to be using the QHSE HammerTech system. As a company we were able to rely on HammerTech and their processes now and what they have in store for the future to ensure compliance with our AS/OHSAS certification. We believe that HammerTech have a strong understanding of what is required to ensure an ongoing and stable QHSE System. HammerTech have a great team, that understands the needs of the company and are all ears, with new ideas, training and ongoing support." Monique Faulkner (HSE Advisor @@ FOURSQ)