• Interactive Plans highlighting active zones specific to particular projects
  • QR code type Q-code


HSEQ INSPECTIONS covers any inspection type that may be related to Safety, Quality or Environment. Whilst many consider Safety Walks and Defects as the main inspections, a need has been identified to enable numerous inspection types including safety checklists, quality inspections such as ITPS and bespoke requirements including plant and equipment inspections.

  • Create ANY inspection type;
  • Customisable fields that can be configured by the user (with Admin access);
  • Create multiple Issue Types (ie Safety Issue, Non-Conformance, Corrective Action, Defect)
  • Assign checklists to inspections;
  • Assign Inspections to specific projects / regions;
  • Ability to set mandatory fields to prevent inspection from being completed unless the form has been adequately completed;
  • Mark-up capability for photos to highlight key features;
  • Allocate safety issues to responsible parties for rectification;
  • Built in workflow, enabling management of generated issues via email, for rectification & close out of the issue;
  • Ability to send push reminders of outstanding issues to relevant personne;
  • Records safety committee attendees;
  • Automatically generated reports can be issued to Recipients.


Numerous documents are required as part of management systems. These documents can be categorised into the DOCUMENT library to store company policies, administration forms, project specific information and accessed with ease. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Create a library of information specific to business requirements;
  • Access documents any time / anywhere;
  • Determine those who have access to particular documents. These can be controlled by user or by project, and can be shared as required with subcontractors.


Sign in books are regularly used on site to record attendees. The Sign-In App has many benefits to assist those on-site.

  • Records every attendee on site each day including visitors;
  • Automatically generates site hours that import into SITE DIARY. INJURY rates are automatically generated using these hours;
  • Real-time record of those on-site in case of an emergency evacuation.

5th June 2017.

We have a lot to report since our update late last year, and we’re looking forward to releasing more details of exciting new developments across the business over the coming weeks.

From securing amazing new clients, the release of exciting features, moving into our shiny new Sydney office to support our growth in NSW, our US expansion and adoption of HammerTech abroad, product integration or the awesome staff that have joined our team, we continue to do all we can to assist our client’s in creating the safest possible work environment for their people.

We promise our next update will be coming soon ... Stay tuned.