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Keeping a diary of site activity is important, yet it is easy to get overwhelmed and document retrospectively, which can lead to inaccurate and incomplete notes and records. HammerTech Site Diary improves this process by automatically generating daily entries, which include records of all tasks conducted each day.

HammerTech's Site Diary also captures site numbers automatically through access control systems or HammerTech Sign-In App for instant reporting.


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  • Automatic generation of Site Diary including the day’s activities (i.e. people orientated, injuries, incidents etc)
  • Daily site numbers and hours can be automatically generated through Sign-in App and Access Control integrations
  • Weather details included from National Weather Service based on site location are automatically recorded on a daily basis
  • Daily site teams entries, progress photos and contractor progress notes can be recorded across sites.


  • Reduce duplication of work and repetition of data entry for staff
  • Save time chasing subcontractors for site numbers
  • HammerTech Sign-In Book populates to the Site Diary and provides accurate numbers of workers on site
  • Site Numbers are readily available and can help in the event of an emergency
  • All information and events can be captured by team members, and subcontractor representatives to get a complete picture of what is happening on site.
  • Automatic generation of diary entries saves teams time, improves auditability across daily job activities

Power up your data

Plug into Power BI and easily create actionable insights

With HammerTech's system you can harness hundreds of data points that center on the worker, giving a 360-degree view of your field operations.

  • Understand your leading indicators
  • Monitor your mid-stream indicators
  • Develop actionable business reporting that leaders can use to reduce business risks

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