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Record any incidents and work to make sure they don’t happen again.

Record Injuries & Incidents within one centralised database with photographs, attachments and customisable fields. Document findings at any point in the investigation and easily share your findings with team members. HammerTech automatically calculates hours worked without LTI's/MTI's and generated reporting shows metrics for types and extent of incidents and injuries to help inform improved practises.


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  • Record and manage Injuries and Incidents, including Near Misses
  • Injury reporting in accordance with AS1885.1
  • Detailed reporting, enabling analysis of data trends


  • Improved record management
  • Version control assists with audit process
  • Link injuries to incidents, corrective/preventative actions to incidents and injuries to workers

Power up your data

Plug into Power BI and easily create actionable insights

With HammerTech's system you can harness hundreds of data points that center on the worker, giving a 360-degree view of your field operations.

  • Understand your leading indicators
  • Monitor your mid-stream indicators
  • Develop actionable business reporting that leaders can use to reduce business risks

One platform. Everything HSEQ you need to operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customisable platform allows you to digitise your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

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See inside the platform

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