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One platform. Everything HSEQ you need to operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customisable platform allows you to digitise your processes and safety workflows that match the way your company operates.


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Make safety your highest standard

Leading builders understand the value of a strong safety culture supported by software that enables teams to manage their processes effectively and uniformly across all jobs and regions. With HammerTech builders now have that capability.

Everything safety in one place

HammerTech allows safety personnel to manage from one easy-to-use platform:

  • Inductions
  • SWMs
  • Permits
  • Pre-start checklists
  • Equipment
  • Personnel and more

Used onsite to make safety more visible, site teams more efficient and ultimately safer

  • Effectively measure compliance like LTIFR and MTIFR to assist with tendering.
  • Eliminate manual reporting and reduce days of time-consuming paperwork.
  • Monitor KPIs in real-time ensuring teams are carrying out required tasks like daily pre-starts and weekly site walks.
  • Identify trends and act on them immediately, like injuries and incidents.

A day on site with HammerTech

Why leading builders use HammerTech as their safety software platform of choice.

- Safety begins with the worker

Register & Induct

Make day one faster and know your workers have understood your company inductions and safety requirements.

  • Take care of time consuming admin work online with quick and easy processes before workers arrive on site.
  • Capture worker information like licenses, insurances and qualifications.
  • Information is stored meaning any form, license, certification or record you need is right where you need it, when you need it.

- Make day one faster


Quick touchless sign-in for all workers using their own device, tablets or QR code and more for secure site access.

  • Use the custom questionnaires and declarations like health questions to reduce COVID risk and meet site specific requirements.
  • Integrate HT sign-in App and other site hardware like turnstiles for more accurate labor hours that you can view by worker and subcontractor.

- Support processes, not just documents


We make day one faster by helping communicate your safety processes and standards from the outset.

  • Subcontractors upload and seek approval for submittals (SWMS, SDSs, equipment and more) prior to starting on-site.
  • These same documents are connected to processes like permits and inspections to ensure workers have the right information at the right time to support safer and better quality work.

- Powerful insights and unrivalled data


From day one you can access and easily share unparalleled safety insights with our system generated compliance reports and Power BI dashboards.

  • Take preventative and measurable action, like subcontractor coaching, before issues become incidents.
  • Our Reporting API give you options to export HammerTech data into existing platforms and BI reports for greater intelligence

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"The Hammertech platform has allowed us to digitise our onsite safety requirements and paperwork, leading to greater efficiency, more transparency and ultimately a safer work environment. The system is highly customisable and implementation was straightforward and effective."



Consolidate your safety applications

The average builder uses anywhere from 10-12 applications on site for field processes like safety and quality. HammerTech helps you consolidate your processes into one platform that also integrates with key project management solutions.

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