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HammerTech Sync (HammerTech-Procore integration) helps job site and project management teams stay aligned, save time and speed up project start.

With HammerTech Sync you can:

  • Speed-Up Weekly Contract Admin Processes - worker/man hours auto-push into Procore by vendor
  • Job-Ready Subcontractors – prevent start-on-site until required pre-start processes are completed

  • Eliminate Double Entry – auto push of vendor (employer) and project information between systems
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Power up your field operations

More connected worksites bring together people, data and technology to streamline field data collection. Improve collaboration, reduce risks and cut insurance premiums while making construction more efficient overall.

Here are 3 ways the HammerTech/Procore Integration helps builders:

  • Speed up contract admin processes
  • Get Subcontractors job-ready
  • Eliminate double entry


Integration Summary

HammerTech consolidates construction and safety operations into one platform.

Improve safety, reduce risk and increase profits through transparency across inductions/orientations, daily reports, SWMS/JHAs, permits and more while providing insights to all project stakeholders.

How it works

The HammerTech - Procore integration automatically syncs data across critical project management and field workflows empowering teams to work from live, compliant and accurate information.

  • Sync vendors (employers), project information and worker hours (by trade partner) and more.
  • Eliminate errors, manual transfers, paper and spreadsheets of important data.
  • Save field team’s time for smoother payment cycles and better compliance with contract start-up processes.

Why leading contractors choose HammerTech

Enroll. Orient. Track. Report.

Safety begins and ends with the worker.  With HammerTech we begin with online enrollment and digital orientations and follow your safety processes allowing you to know who is on site, whether they are certified and licensed, if key safety actions have been completed and notifying team members if there are safety concerns in real time.


We make safety simple

HammerTech moves with you and configures around your key safety processes. From the office to the trailer, and onto the job site, you can:

  • Orientate teams
  • Enroll workers
  • Manage JHAs
  • Manage personnel
  • Perform inspections
  • Manage permits
  • Easily sort and report on hundreds of data points

See inside the platform

Schedule a demo today and learn how HammerTech can help with your onsite safety requirements.