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Complexities increase your risk. That's why our platform was designed to make your job site operations easy to manage with complete insight, total oversight, and powerful "let's do it right" capabilities. 


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Consolidate Siloed Processes.
Do Safety, Quality, and Daily Operations Your Way.

You no longer have to store, file, search, shuffle papers, or try to “glue” together multiple safety & quality point solutions. Using HammerTech’s cloud-based collaborative software platform, consolidate your safety, quality and daily field operations processes into one paperless, integrated workflow that makes site operations and collaborations easy, organized and centralized.

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Pre-Construction Operations

Quality & Safety

Time Tracking

Analyze man hours and report real time data.

Man Power Counts

Make sure your subcontractors are ramping up for the job correctly.


See something, share anything with voice, text, or photo/video.


Make sure the job is done right.


Ensure quality and the job is done right.


Make sure everyone is safely where they should (and should not) be.


Prepare your team for dangerous situations.


Ensure the project is moving along as expected and within the contract.


Set the project policies, regulations, policies, procedures and responsibilities.

Logistical Management

Manage who, what, and how people and equipment operate on your job site.

Business Intelligence

Expand on your leading indicators and act on your lagging ones.

Equipment Monitoring & Inspections

Make sure your equipment (and users) are safe and ready to work.


Find what needs to be done and check it off your list.

Daily Reports

Know what’s happening in the field 24/7.

Incidents & Injuries

Record any issues and work to make sure they don’t happen again.


Determine and report if something doesn’t meet specs or requirements.

Safety Plan Management

Everyone’s plan, in one place, at your fingertips.

Equipment Orientations

Ensure users know the equipment and follow equipment specific safety guidelines.


Identify the dangers of specific tasks and eliminate risks of injuries.


Make your material safety data sheets available at the worksite for review.

Centralized Documents

Put every document subcontractors send you in one location, no searching, no lost docs.

Inspection Test Plan

Forget paper and digitize your systematic approach to testing.

Personnel Management

Know who’s on site, and what their licenses and certifications are (and if they’re current).

Training Records

Know who’s trained on what, and for how long.

Online Orientations/Inductions

Save time orienting teams prior to stepping on site (and save paper doing it online).

License, Insurance & Certification Management

Easy way for subcontractors to organize their files and ensure teams meet their safety.

AW Nicholson

We find that the Hammer Tech system is very user-friendly operating effectively across various platforms (computer, tablet, phone). Some of our “not so tech savvy” employees have been able to learn it quickly and become effective in its use. Using the system has meant a large reduction in paper forms and it also provides greater consistency across sites, not to mention the many reporting options we have available.

Chris Lavery

HSEQ Manager


BA Murphy

We chose the Hammertech platform as our centralised system to manage safe production, transparency, collaboration and consultation.

Kristina Kucan

HSEQ Manager



With two of our core values being safety and innovation, the decision to introduce a web-based HSEQ platform into the Civilex business was a no-brainer. The capabilities of Hammertech - combined with their strong client-focus – made partnering with them simple.

George Markelis

HSE Manager

Element Five - VCON

We started using HammerTech on two projects, but after one site went completely paperless in a matter of a few weeks, we decided we needed to roll it out on all our sites. HammerTech streamlines our process, connects our team members, and saves us (and our subs) a lot of time.

Sean Morgan

HSEQ Manager


Hammertech has been a great addition to our ever evolving construction processes. It provides real time information on all of our projects and saves valuable site administration time for our site teams and subcontractors allowing them be ‘on’ the job and not in the office.

Peter Rahilly

HSEQ Manager



Reduce Project Inefficiencies Before Anyone Touches Foot on Site

With HammerTech, you can streamline pre-construction operations, saving everyone
time and headaches on opening day and beyond.

Using our online orientation process, subcontractors can prepare and submit required forms, licenses, and
certificates online prior to entering the job-site, saving your safety managers and superintendents hours of in-
person hassles, paper problems, manual processing and fact checking.

Online Orientations


Register teams, orient and test online before anyone steps foot on site.


Personnel & Record Management


Know exactly who is on site, if their certifications or licenses are up to date, and make sure they've been oriented properly.

JHAs Management


Submit, view, approve, and track JHAs online making sure teams know how to stay safe on site.


See Improvement Through Measurement

With HammerTech's *integration with Power Business Intelligence, you can find your leading indicators to
double down on the good stuff, and avoid the not so good stuff.

Employer Health
Site Diary





Gain insights that tell you what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to fix it. Analyze your performance and productivity data to find spots where your company is leading using rich business intelligence - available at every step of your project. So you can side step obstacles, hazards, and everything else that interferes with getting the job done well.

*Power BI requires a third party application.

Hear from our clients.

HammerTech has allowed us to save approximately 1000 man hours on-site for contracted personnel and approximately 400 to 500 admin hours for my safety team…

Ben Schubert
APP Project Director

Flexem Construction

After evaluating several systems, we chose Hammertech to put our WHS system on line because it is efficient, cost effective and relatively easy to implement. Our site foremen and leading hands have embraced the system because it saves them time and reduces paperwork so they can concentrate on actually keeping their sites safer.

Ken Carter

Systems and Compliance Manager

May Constructions

May Constructions was looking for a way to consolidate and streamline our OH&S Management System. We’d looked at the digital market previously and hadn’t been satisfied that there was a system in place that managed our all of our needs. Since engaging with the guys at Hammer Tech we could see straight away that they understood the high demands that are placed on a business such as ours. 

Simon O’Brien


Crema Constructions

Crema introduced Hammertech to streamline and enhance our existing onsite safety, quality and communications systems. The results have been excellent. The highly customisable platform by Crema Constructions with the guidance and on site training by HammerTech has enabled the integrated safety systems to flow to site in a digital format, without the need to modify our existing processes...

Mark Thomas

OHS Manager

Method Construction

HammerTech has become an integral part of the way we do business at Method. It has allowed our site and project teams to have full visibility of each and every project through a streamline administrative approach. We take site safety seriously at Method and HammerTech has helped to provide a clear and accountable safety process to ensure Method sites are safe, time and time again.

Daniel Shields


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